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Join The Cool Kids: Explore Hospitality Jobs at The Grove

Updated: Jan 18

The Cool Kids at The Grove

Discover a World of Opportunities at The Grove - Where The Cool Kids Redefine Hospitality

We are as Unique as our Hospitality Jobs: Welcome to The Grove Hotel and The Grove Motel, a beacon of hospitality and a playground for memories and creativity. In the heart of our vibrant communities stands The Grove, not just a place to stay, but a hub of excitement and fun. As a proud woman and Indigenous-owned business, we celebrate diversity in all its forms. Here, The Cool Kids – our team members – create a personalized and welcoming environment for both our guests and each other.

Our Front Desk and Housekeeping Crew Defines Hospitality: Imagine working in an industry where every day is a new adventure, filled with challenges and opportunities to create memorable experiences. At The Grove, The Cool Kids are not just providing a service; they're crafting stories and unforgettable moments whatever their roles. With their unique flair and creativity, they form the heartbeat of our hotel.

The Wide-Ranging Benefits of a Hospitality Career: Choosing a career in hospitality, especially as one of The Cool Kids at The Grove Hotel, offers endless possibilities and unique benefits:

  1. Diverse Opportunities: The hospitality field offers a range of roles, perfect for The Cool Kids who bring diverse talents and interests.

  2. Skill Development: The Cool Kids develop vital skills like customer service, communication, problem-solving, and adaptability – invaluable in and outside the hospitality industry.

  3. Networking Opportunities: Working in hospitality allows The Cool Kids to meet people from all walks of life, leading to valuable connections and opportunities.

  4. Global Opportunities: For The Cool Kids with a love for travel and culture, hospitality experience offers chances to work in exciting locations worldwide.

  5. Rewarding Experiences: There’s a unique joy in making someone’s day better, a common occurrence for The Cool Kids at The Grove Hotel.

The Grove Hotel Culture: The Grove is more than a workplace; it's a family. Here, The Cool Kids’ ideas bloom, and their individuality is celebrated. Embracing inclusivity and diversity is not just our policy; it's our essence. As a women and Indigenous-owned business, we thrive on the rich perspectives and experiences that each of The Cool Kids brings to our hotel.

Embracing Seasonal Challenges with Flexibility: The Cool Kids at The Grove are renowned for their agility and flexibility, turning seasonal challenges into opportunities for growth. They learn to anticipate the business's needs, ensuring seamless guest experiences all year round.

Perks of Being One of The Cool Kids: Joining The Grove front desk crew means joining a fun, dynamic group of people. Our crew enjoy discounts on our rooms, special offers at JOE. Hot+Cold, flexible schedules, and numerous growth opportunities in our growing business.

Join Our Diverse and Dynamic Team: Ready to be one of The Cool Kids? We're looking for individuals who share our passion and commitment. Send a resume or a 2-minute bio to our Culture Captain, Erika at

At The Grove Hotel, you're more than just a team member; you're one of The Cool Kids. It's an opportunity to grow, learn, and be part of a team that values your individuality. Join us and redefine hospitality, one memorable experience at a time.

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